Welcome to the page where I discuss photography ideas, techniques and equipment for photographers.

Photographic Resources – a list of resources, websites and other photography related material, that I use as a photographer.

Heath and Safety for Photographers – As so little wass written about this subject I wrote this while at Idea Store Learning in Tower Hamlets, when I was teaching accredited photography courses because of the lack of information available to photography students about this subject. If you are on a course and need to write something relating to Health and Safety this page is for you.

Editioning of photographic prints – my ideas of how photographers should price their prints for and buyers and collectors of photographic prints.

X-Rite Colorati Pro – A link to the X-Rite website where I have another interview and discussion on colour management for my photography.

Photographic Influences is a series exploring the photographers who have inspired me as a photographer. This series might be of interest to you in learning about other photographers and their work.