Welcome to the page where I discuss photography and equipment for photographers.

The main aim of any photographers website should be, to talk to their audience that they want to work with, and yet so often photographers find themselves writing for other photographers. I do as well. I originally set up Photography Workshops London, because I needed have a forum and space to talk about and teach photography, which is one of my passions. The reason, this page exists my website is so that photographers and lovers of photography can be directed to various links and pages on photography, around the internet that I think you will find helpful. Some of these have influenced me as a photographer.

Photographic Resources – a list of resources, websites and other photography related material, that I use as a photographer.

Heath and Safety for Photographers – As so little wass written about this subject I wrote this while at Idea Store Learning in Tower Hamlets, when I was teaching accredited photography course because of the lack of information available to photography students about this subject. If you are on a course and need to write something relating to Health and Safety this page is for you.

Editioning of photographic prints – my ideas of how photographers should price their prints for and buyers and collectors of photographic prints.

Sony Camera and Lens in Use: Part One – A link to a series of posts on things I have discovered about Sony’s a7 Series of cameras and lens. methods of working and little tips that I have learnt from using Sony products.

X-Rite Colorati Pro – A link to the X-Rite website where I have another interview and discussion on colour management for my photography.