Back to work

After Summer holidays I am back to work. I have had a great two week trip around the South of France and got back last Week. It was a wonderful trip from London to Eygalieres in Provence where we stayed for 6 nights then onto Perpignan to have a look at the city that hosts the major photojournalism festival, then onto Barcelona. We then traveled back up to a place called Paltja D’Aro and then though the Pyrnenes (our sat nav took us that way) we then stayed a few nights in Gramazie (South West of Carcasonne) before heading up France to a Chateau in Burgundy for a night then back to London.

I feel refreshed and recharged more because a change of scenery than anything else. We drove over 2700 miles and saw a lot of France. It is hard to make images while driving, so I did not get to make as many as I would have liked but enough for a change of pace and style to just make some holiday images which is what any photographer needs to do occasionally.

I am now back at work on both my photography and at my part-time day job at Idea Store Learning with courses starting in two weeks time.

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