I have been a bit quiet lately

On the this blog I have been a bit quiet lately as I have been focusing on writing for www.photographyworkshopslondon.com and planning the marketing and promotional activates for this new photography training venture that I am setting up. I have one workshop online and available now in location portrait photography with the main focus begin developing the audience for the new website so that when the website has a certain size of audience it will be able to actively and successfully promote all the workshops that we are going to be offering. The workshops will be with myself and other photographers who all have extensive and specialist knowledge that we are keen to share and help others to grow and develop. The www.photographyworkshopslondon.com venture is an development of my teaching that I do for Tower Hamlets and Adult Education College Bexley as I have realised that their are workshops that I would love to teach but because of the nature of adult education colleges in the UK, I just can’t run these particular workshops. So, I have been instrumental in getting a group of photographers together and setting up www.photographyworkshopslondon.com to do what we think is an exciting photography training idea.

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