Occasionally, i get asked why I use Sony cameras, as I am a Sony Global Imagung Ambassador, I would like to answer that question with this post. I have now had a range of Sony digital camera’s, since my original a900 a-mount camera. I loved using the a900 as it had the best viewfinder on a DSLR camera and it gave me files that were highly useable, but it was a little limited for the type of work that I have been doing more recently. As my work has evolved my camera needs have changed. I used the a99 for a while and liked it a lot but once the a7 series came out I moved whole heartedly to them. My favourite camera that I have ever used (so far) is the a7RMKII, but the RX1RII is a extremely close second, if I could put a 50mm or 28mm lens on it then it might even be my favourite, but then that is what I do with the a7RMKII which is why it is my favourite camera. I like, that I can also put something like the Zeiss Loxia 35mm lens on it, to give me zone focusing for street photography.

I also like the little a6300, I did have a a5000 once for a while but did not get on with it as I kept basing my face with it as I tried to raise it to my eye. I love having a viewfinder to look though and I have not quiet got that used to using the rear screen to make images with, so bashing the camera into my face was not exactly what I wanted from a  camera, I did love the little NEX-7 though as I could get good images from it and was nicely balanced in the hand, when working.


Sony a7RMKII camera, Zeiss Loxia 35mm f2 lens with Lens Taab and optical viewfinder.

Something that I really appreciate on the current a7 series cameras is the placement of the exposure compensation dial it has changed how I set up the camera for street and documentary photography. i now use Auto ISO, minimum shutter speeds set between 1/250th and 1/1000th and to change exposure if the camera is not doing what I want I use the exposure compensation dial which is right under my thumb.

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