China in August

Help needed in finding someone to help in China – August 2014

I am going to China in August and am busy planning the trip now. I have realised that I need to find someone who can help me with access to what I want to photograph and who has local knowledge. I aim to be exploring the industrial heartland of the planet, where so much of what we consume is now made, for my ongoing capitalism project. So, I need to be able to get around and see parts of Guangzhou, ideally with someone who knows the place and who can arrange transport and do translation for me. Someone who knows the places that would be relevant for my image making requirement. If anyone know someone who can introduce me to someone who can help please email me via

Making documentary photography that is sympathetic to the place that I want to travel to is one of the reasons that I am planning on going to China, my research is leading me to want to explore the place that western capitalism has turned into our factory while at the same time it has de-industrialised its own production regions as it found cheaper places to make things with less environmental and labour controls.

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