Exploring place

I have started Photographing in Oxford Street, London and I have noticed something from my first 6 images that I have posted online that the images could be from any city. When we make images in a city how do we show place in our images, as well as the people. I am going to explore this aspect, before I go to far into the project. This project for me will be successful if I have a different approach to my photography by the end of it. I have already noticed a number of things. Like I seem to see a lot of people notice the camera look into the lens, but so far no one has asked me what I am doing. Now that I have a couple of images online I can refer to that so if someone stops me when I am working it can lead to an interesting conversation.

I will at some point in the future start to include sound into the project, by interviewing people who I encounter in my meanderings along Oxford Street.

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