Lily Gwynne-Thomas photographic portrait by Michael Wayne Plant

Finding your own voice

Developing vision as a photographer.

I know that a photographer and their blog should have its own voice and I am guessing that mine does, that is for you to decide what it is. As I like most creative people have difficultly defining what is my own voice. That is one of the hard things of being a creative individual, you find so many things of interest. Especially if you are dyslexic (and don’t even ask how long that word took to learn how to spell), as I quite often see the big picture and that makes it hard to focus on smaller things. Like specific projects, as they all are important to me. Alas, I am trying to say that it is hard to find a way to express ones self as a photographer. We all struggle with this. When I was teaching, I would mentor my students on the important aspect of finding a style and often I would see the barriers that they would erect to stop them having to make a decision about their direction and style, I think after observing lots of my former students struggle with this, that I would find a way around it, but it is not that easy. We all find ways to procrastinate and dodge the difficult decisions that we need to make, that will ultimately extend our creativity.

For myself, I found that once I realised what it is that I am interested in, it became much easier to make work. I could concentrate on the projects that where really important to me and let go of other things. I also found that it was easier to let the work itself to enable my style to develop.

I have read a lot about creativity and watched quite a few videos on this subject, YouTube is great for this, as there are so many videos is on creativity there, that it can at times become a great rabbit hole to disappear down for extended periods of time especially when one is supposed to be working.

I would recommend that you read:

On Being a Photographer By Bill Jay and David Hurn   On Being a Photography by David Hurn and Bill Jay. Available at:

Show Your Work!: 10 Things Nobody Told You About Getting Discovered by Austin Kleon   Show Your Work!: 10 Things Nobody Told You About Getting Discovered by Austin Kleon Amazon UK Link

Ways of Seeing by John Berger    Ways of Seeing by John Berger Amazon UK Link

and watch:


That is more than enough to keep you lost and entertained for a few hours, Developing style your own style is really important and should be something of a priority for any photographer.


Good luck with it.

Michael Jan 2018

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