From: A Photo Editor. a-stream-of-content-may-be-in-your-future

I have been looking at this for a while, I can thing of only one thing that can get in the way of this and it is time. I am rather time poor these days, as I am a lead photography lecturer at an inner London college. I have spent more time in my job lately than I would like, because it is end of year and assessments are keeping me rather busy at the moment. I personally want to make content for my website and this blog it can be quite rewarding making work.

I like the idea of daily content and I would love to do it but I really struggle  to get things written as often as I would like. So how do I as a busy person do this. I am thinking of just posting on certain days things like that. But then I know me and it would not work either. I guess it is back to the drawing board for me to think of other ways to gain international recognition for my name.

I really think the secret to developing a brand is content, the same thing that is important in photography content is always more important than style. Ultimately it is content that someone wants to see or read about.  Content comes form you ethos, what you want to talk about either visually or verbally.

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