growing inequality will have little impact on policy decisions

“.. criticisms of growing inequality will have little impact on policy decisions until they are embraced by the masses, the working class, those that capitalism cruelly exploits and who are so easily dismissed by politicians and academics. At that point the working class will finally stand up and collectively declare enough is enough.” Ann Robertson and Bill  Leumer.

Above is a quote from an article on counterpunch titled; When Profits Trump Logic Does Capitalism Inevitably Produce Inequalities?. Explores how we are products of the society that we live in and that the intellectuals that write about inequality are not really the ones who  ultimately will be the ones have to make change happen. It will be the combined forces of the working class. Not individuals but society as a whole collectively deciding that things have to change, that is what caused the rise of the middle class after the second world war and that is what is going to bring our current guilded age to an end for the 1% who are currently dominating our societies globally. Where it starts is anyones guess, but it is going to take education and frustration with the status quo to force capitalism to change or even disappear.

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