Guardian 23 Jul 2012 10 years austerity without murmur

Why do we put up with it. The whole government agenda of cuts and more cuts. The Guardian website has an interesting piece “Ten years of austerity? Only the British would meet that with barely a murmur” by .

“Except there is no real reason this unprecedented schedule of pain, imposed by a coalition with scant ministerial experience, should be taken as inevitable.”

However, we have to remember that we are living in a time where the economic orthodoxy is that of Neo-Liberalism, which is an ideology that was started with Thatcherism and Reaganism and imposed by them onto our economic thinking.  This orthodoxy calls for a small state and a self-reliant population, it is great if you want to live in a world that the wealthiest do not pay for the rest. It does create a social world that does not care about the individual unless they have the means to pay, it also takes that means to pay away from the vast majority of the society that is created by the Neo-liberal dogma.

We need a new politics, not just rehashed ideas and this is going to take a lot of doing as the establishment will not like to see their power disappear, this is why a crisis is good for social change, as it is the only time that social agents (i.e. we the people) get enough energy together (bodies on streets) to force change onto the political agenda.



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