Hong Kong Street Photography By Michael Wayne Plant

Hong Kong Images


This set of images is from the Hong Kong, part of my recent trip to China. Hong Kong surprised me with it humidity at around 80% making it rather quite tiring to be walking in the heat, the solution was to walk for a bit get hot and then go shopping in air conditioned buildings and just about every shop had air conditioning. The area around the Tism Sha Tsui or TST for short where I stayed for the first 4 days was so full of shops and designer boutiques that it made London’s Bond street look a bit dowdy  by comparison is for a street photographer a delight. Apart form the heat I found Hong Kong easy to work making photographs, working as I normally do while making street photography images is not a problem. The only problem is that the density of people means that you need to be closer to your subjects as there will always be someone in your frame that you can’t remove due to the sheer number of people around. It is great to get out of your usual environment to make images as it lets you see things with a fresh eye and everything looks exotic even the most mundane things. This is an advantage to travelling that photographers have always used to good effect.

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