London Street Photography By Michael Wayne Plant

New Year’s resolutions

Hi all,

I hope your Christmas was good, New Year is next and with that comes New Year’s resolutions. What are yours? I know what mine will be:

1) I am going to edit my City of London street photography based project to see how far I have got with it.

2) I am going to spend more time marketing this year. As I want to meet more interesting people. A photographer friend of mine once said to me he had problems trying to get appointments because he felt weird contacting people who where to him strangers, my response was that if he met them in the pub and found out what they did, each of them would find the other interesting, as they both had a common worldview. That is why for me marketing is really a search for new friends to work with. People who have a similar worldview are always great to meet.

3) I am looking for a publisher for my City of London project, so that search begins in earnest.

4) Make more interesting images, both on my City of London project and Portraits of people in both finance and creative industries.

5)  I aim to get Google to recognise my website for London street photography and learn how to use keywords to help with SEO. This will help with an idea I have for street  photography walks in London, that I will launch early in the New Year.


I could add more, but these are enough to work and and more only confuses my focus and it is important to remain focused if you want to fulfill your New Years resolutions.

Good luck with yours, whatever they may be.

Michael Dec 2017.

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