News Media and unlimited internet space

News Media and unlimited internet space

Multimedia Presentations on The Guardian website.

The Guardian is making new uses of documentary photography in highly visual multimedia stories. The Guardian is experimenting with  these new ways of using the unlimited space of the internet for stories that it thinks are worth telling.

I have seen the story on the NSA files Decoded following the revelations by Snowden and now one on the Holmes family that ended up under their jetty in Dunalley, Tasmania.

These become standalone stories featuring on the website and I personally think that interesting as they are embedding both video and still photos with sound recordings to tell stories that a more in-depth and engaging. The thing about the Internet that media organisations have been slow to embrace is this idea that the Internet is an unlimited space. Were as previously the cost of newsprint is limited by space, on both the printing press and paper forcing them to think in a particular way. With the Internet, media can be used anywhere you want as this page can be scrolled and moved up or down, expendable and hyperlink able making it incredibly flexible. So it is good to see that The Guardian is finally using the Internet a bit more imaginatively telling visual stories. So follow the links above to see what I’m talking about.

This use of multimedia, I believe has huge potential for documentary photographers and photojournalism, as it will allow in-depth stories to become more engaging and allow nuance to be expressed in storytelling, that was prohibited by lack of space in the previous media models (i.e. newspapers and magazines). It is also one of the reasons that I keep considering that I should go and do the multimedia storytelling training that duckrabbit offers, as I believe it has a future on the unlimited space of the Internet.



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