On Portrait Photography

On Portrait Photography

Michael Wayne Plant discussing Portrait Photography.

Michael Wayne Plant on Portrait Photography from Michael Wayne Plant on Vimeo.

I have recently been experimenting a lot of video and how to use it for doing interviews. With that in mind I have been making little videos on different aspects of photography as a way of learning about video and film making. The video above, is the first that I am reasonably happy with. I have discovered that it is really hard to just relax in front of a video camera and be natural while filming. I tried to do it with a few of my filming friends and recently decided that the way around this was to make little clips by myself. So that I could get around my own inhibitions, while being filmed. This has worked a little, as I feel far more relaxed in front of a video camera, than I used to. I have discovered that being on camera is hard to do, especially for someone who is dyslexic, as ideas come and how you present them, requires easy access to your short term memory, which is where my dylexia makes it harder. I have no problem with long term memory, it is just accessing information when I need it for repeating words and sentences repeatedly, for video, when doing multple takes of something to camera in video making. I will be making more films in the future, as I think it an easy way to communicate ideas. I have also been learning how to edit video material, via Adobe Premiere Pro.

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