Photographers Support Group

Do you have a support group, it is an idea that I have been attempting to implement. The creation of a photographer support group is not new, but it is something that often photographers do not normally consider. As we tend to work alone and often view fellow photographers as competitors and even worse as the enemy, not to be trusted as they might steal our creative ideas or even worse steal our clients from us. Or possibly, even more frightening, is that we feel that we may have to explain what we have been doing and why our business plan, in reality, sucks.

Business plan, I hear you say what is that? You all have one don’t you? How without a road map,  (because that is what a business plan is) do you plan, to get to where you want to go or be. I know, trust blind luck or instinct that works, but it takes longer and yes, you have nice adventures along the way, but and this but can be huge, you will also waste time and resources getting to your goals. What no gaols, how are you to know when you get there without goals. Oh thats right, you will just know. Oh dear, we are in trouble now no business plan and no goals, so how do you know what work to show potential clients. What no focused portfolio, because you show them everything. So let me get this straight, you have no business plan, no goals and no focused portfolio, no wonder you are stuck, complaining that you are not working, or doing the kind of work that pays low money or worse makes you feel bad doing it.

All of these things can be avoided with planning and consideration, which is where a Photographers support group idea comes in. If you can set one up, think about not treading on the areas of work that the other group members do, that is try and find photographers with different niches to discuss, to help develop your ideas of personal development, marketing, branding, portfolio, web presence and social media strategies with. It is something that I would like to setup. If you know anyone who would be interested please contact me so we can start the process of building the photographers support group.

I will let you know how it goes over the next few months or when I have an update. The idea would be to meet once a month to discuss work and issues that we all face, anyone interested?

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