My Photographic Heros no 8: Harry Gruyaert

My Photographic Heros no 8: Harry Gruyaert

Harry Gruyaert

For me, Harry Gruyaert is one of the great colour photographers. Yet I don’t think he is as widely known as other photographers of his generation. A film is currently being made about his life and work, this might make him more widely known. Harry joined the photo agency Magnum in 1981, because he was a nomadic photographer and he needed somewhere for his archive. I love his work and the way he uses colour within his work. He is yet another photographer who originally used Leica cameras, and now because of his eyesight he uses a Canon DSLR’s to work with.

His colour is great, watch the video below on colour for his words on this.

YouTube videos with and about Harry Gruyaert

HARRY GRUYAERT from Paris Photo on Vimeo.


What I learnt from Harry Gruyaert.

Take risks, think about complex things within the frame and colour is important as it conveys meaning. Get over yourself and concentrate on photography.

He is quick at shooting but slow at editing, it takes time to make sense of what you have done with your camera, so give it time.

Links to articles on his work.

British Journal Of Photography interview of Harry Gruyaert. 

The Magnum agencies photographer’s page for Harry Gruyaert

Their is a film also being made about Harry Gruyaert’s life

Telegraph on Harry Gruyaert

My Best Shot in the Guardian

Books by/on Harry Gruyaert

Harry Gruyaert (Amazon US link), (Amazon UK link)


Maroc by Harry Gruyaert (Amazon US link), (Amazon UK link)

Harry Gruyaert (Amazon US link), (Amazon UK link)

TV Shots by Harry Gruyaert (Amazon US link), (Amazon UK link)


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