Photography Resources

Resources for Photographers

A list of various photography related resources for photographers. All the featured websites are places that I have used or visit.

This resource list is a bit London centric, as that is where I live and who I work with.

Photography miscellaneous

Health and Safety for Photographers

Written by myself (Michael Wayne Plant) as a guide principally for college students and useful for anyone wanting health and safety assessment risk forms.

Grants/Funding list by David Campbell

A good list featuring documentary photography funding sources.

Mary Virginia Swanson

A blog on photography marketing that has listings for deadlines.


Universal Photographic Digital Imaging Guidelines is a great set of standards that digital photographers should use.

What the Duck

Funny cartoon strip featuring photographic ducks


Discussions on photography

David Campbell

A  blog where David Campbell explores various aspects of photojournalism and visual culture.


An art photography blog written by Joel Colberg, highly interesting and very well regarded.


Photography Equipment

Sony Cameras, Sony make Alpha and an extensive collection of full frame and APS-C lens for a-mount which was the old Minolta lens mount. They also have e-mount now in both full frame (FE-mount) and APS-C formats (E-mount). I personally am using the Sony a7r camera and am about to get an a7s which I have tried, which is silent in quite mode and has great high ISO performance. I have used both the Sony a900 and the a99 for professional photography and I love these cameras and the Carl Zeiss lens that Sony makes.

Nikon Cameras, NIkon is one of the pros choice in photographic equipment that they buy, I have used Nikon in the past. When I had a Nikon D2X and prior to that a Nikon F4 and a Nikon FM2 all of which where real workhorses for me.

Canon Cameras, Canon is the number one camera maker by sales at the moment and has a huge range of cameras and lens that work for both pros and amateur photographers alike.

Leica Cameras, Leica makes some of the best lens around and their cameras have been used by a extensive list of top level photographers, Leica is still trading of this tradition as they have positioned themselves at the luxury end of the camera market. Expensive with a traditional feel the cameras.

Gary Fong, Makes great little diffusers that make on flash photography work for me. I have one and love it. Matin Parr uses one to great effect on his Canon 5D in the following video. (Martin Parr at work in Perth).

Broncolor, Make the studio lights that I prefer, they are reliable and last for a very long time, even though they are expensive. I have still got Broncolor studio lights that I use, which I brought in 1989.

SpyderCube, I use one of these if the quality of the colour is critical to the image that I am making.

Gitzo, Make great tripods, I don’t really use tripods much, but I do have an inexpensive aluminium one from Gitzo, that I like. I could spend 4 times as much and have a carbon fibre one, but for how much I use a tripod, the one I have is wonderful.

Sekonic, Their lightmeters range from the expensive to the cheaper end. I recommend the Sekonic L-308s as a good meter that does flash and ambient incident light, as it is low cost, small and light so you will take it with you. Some of the other lighmeters in their range are heavier and would probably get left at home unless specifically needed.


Photography Workshops

Duck Rabbit training

A training team and website that has an interesting blog (Duck Rabbit Blog). Their “Three-day Digital Storytelling Workshops”   for photographers, journalists, communications and PR professionals or anyone looking to incorporate visual storytelling in their work.

Photography Workshops London

A photography training organisation that I have founded. with the aim of providing special interest photography workshops across a range of genres in photography with photographers who are established in their area of photography.


Photography organisations

EPUK  Editorial Photographer United Kingdom

They also have a email list that is worth joining if you are a professional photographer working for editorial clients.

Freelance guide fees

From the NUJ, National Union of Journalists in the UK. Worth knowing but not being adhered to by a lot of major clients these days.

National Press Photographers Association

This is the American National press photographers association.


Photographic suppliers.

Process Supplies 3-25 Mount Pleasant, London, WC1X 0AR. ph: 020 7837 2179

I have been coming here since 1995, they are a great company to do business with.

Silverprint have moved out of London so for Londoners Silverprint are now an online shop.


Calumet have been merged with Wex Photographic various locations around the UK.

Has an extensive range of stores for the professional photographer across Europe.

Ffordes, The Kirk, Wester Balblair By Beauly, Inverness-shire, IV4 7BQ.  ph:01463 783 850

I have brought from here and they are prompt with delivery and have been good at communicating via emails when needed.

CameraWorld, 14 Wells Street, London, W1T 3PB ph: 0207 636 5005

Has good deals on cameras and is worth checking out for prices, when shopping for new photographic equipment.

Red Dot Cameras, 68 Old Street, London. EC1V 9AN ph :020 7490 8444

Ivor, runs a great Leica shop that is independently owned, he also has an extensive range of second hand Leica products.

Robert White, Unit 3, Alder Hills Industrial Estate, 16 Alder Hills, Poole, Dorset, BH12 4AR, ph: 01202 723046

Official importer for Voigtlander lens and cameras into the UK.

Direct Lighting, 200-202 Hercules Road, Waterloo, London, SE1 7LD. ph:020 7620 8500

Camera, lighting and photographic equipment rental.


Photography and Camera Rumor Sites

Sony Alpha Rumors, A Sony rumor site

Leica Rumors, A Leica Rumor site

By Thom, A good Nikon Rumor commentator and rumor site

Nikon Rumors, As the link says Nikon Rumors

Photo Rumors, Rumors about general photography gear other than Nikon or Leica

Northlight, A good site for printer rumors and has a timeline of when photography products were released.

Canon Rumors, A Canon Rumor site

Canon Watch, A Canon Rumor site


Photography equipment review sites

Photozone, does in-depth lens reviews that will give you a good idea of how particular lens work.


Photographic Equipment Hire companies

The Flash Centre

Canon and Nikon DSLR cameras and lenses, Phase One Medium format cameras and backs.

Lighting from Elinchrom, Arri redheads and loads of other things available for hire.

Download a price guide here.

Calumet Rental has now become WexRental with a new link.

Canon and Nikon DSLR cameras and lenses, Hasselbald, Phase One, Medium format as well as Fuji cameras and lenses.

Lighting from Broncolor, Profoto, Bowens and LED from Rotolight  and loads of other things available for hire.

Direct Photographic 

Canon and Nikon, DSLR cameras and lenses, Hasselbald, Phase One, Leica S, Medium format cameras and lenses.

Lighting from Broncolor, Profoto, Quantum and loads of continuous lighting options.

Extensive range of filming options as well in addition to loads of other things available for hire.

The Pro Centre

Canon, Nikon DSLR cameras and lenses, Hasselblad, Phase One and Mamiya RZ67, medium format cameras and backs.

Lighting from Broncolor,Elinchrom, Profoto, Bowens, Quantum, Metz etc and continuous lighting

loads of other things available for hire but orientated towards the still photography market.

Peartree Photo

Mamiya medium format cameras and Leaf Aptus digital backs.

Lighting from Broncolor and computers