Recently, My wife and I visited Portugal for the first time and I really loved it. We travelled around the country, first arriving in Farovisiting Olhåo, Fuseta and Albufeira in the Algarve before driving up country to Coimbra and then Porto. We then drove down the coast to Aveiro and onto Lisbon, while in Lisbon we went to Cascais and around the coast to Sintra. Travelling from Lisbon we went down the Atlantic coast to a wonderful little beach side place called Vila Nova De Milfontes, then down towards Lagos and back to Olháo before flying back to London via Faro. It total we drove approx 1800 kilometres, seeing a lot of Portugal.



Things I learnt, the Portuguese drive badly, they are really friendly, the weather was not as warm in April – May as I thought it would be but a few weeks later and they had bah fires that killed a lot of people quite near to were we drove around Coimbra. The country has a lot of poorer than I expected especially compared to Spain next door. The Architecture was not as grand on a lot of buildings and this is a reflection of the countries wealth. When they get to modern architecture I saw some I really liked. In all I really like Portugal and we will go back to Porto one day.


Click on any of the small images to load a gallery and see the images I made in Portugal larger.

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