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I have realised that what I post here, is often on random content based on what I am reading or researching for some photography class, or what I see on the newspaper websites or social comment websites. This means that the content of this website is a little random and I realised recently when I found a website that offered a “content-marketing-editorial-calendar-template” for use in social marketing and developing editorial content. I have not don anything like this on this website which is why the diversity of content. I am starting to think that it might be a good idea to try and plan some content, over a longer time period, as it would let (force) me to dig deeper into topics, that I want to write and research about and keep me focused on these topics for a length of time. I am going to do this for both my websites that I am writing for. Currently I am writing both photography and over bits on capitalism here and on www.photographyworkshopslondon.com I am writing more about photography, so both sites may have something of interest. I am also trying not to repeat myself on either website as they are both linked to my Twitter, Facebook page and Linkedin profile, so I do not want to repeat myself. Learning how to use SEO and social media to promote your ideas and services as a photographer, is something that I think comes naturally if you are young enough and if you are internet savvy. Yet it still takes time to learn, as there is so much you can do, that is not immediately obvious, when you are wanting to build an audience for your photography.

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