Read this, Join this IOPS.

For any one interested in a decent life for everyone you need to READ THIS Our Pass-Fail Moment: Livable Ecology, Capitalism, Occupy, and What is to be Done
By Paul Street. It is long but worth reading!

Then JOIN THIS we as a species need to change we need to confront the power of the established elites and demand change because we all feel that the world is going in the wrong direction. I have spent the past few years learning about the political and economic path that we are on and I am becoming both angry and really terrified of our world staying on its current economic path as the path we are on leads to environmental catastrophe for humanity.

We need to start by rethinking and reimagining a world that we can perceive as desirable. That is going to take work because it will mean that we the masses have to take away from the rich and powerful their toys, their ability to control our economic and social structures. How we do that is by organisation and that takes planning. That is where an organisation like IOPS can and will help us all think though this already declared war between the rich and the rest of us. Oh you didn’t know there was a war already declared, no neither did I, till I started to read. That is why education is the first step, that is why the Tory government is making it more expensive to get an education in England. We need to educate our selves and then we begin to see that the rich already declared war on the rest of us a long time ago. The only didn’t tell us otherwise we would have been able to fight back better than we have so far.

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