Rebecca Solnit writes a letter to Edward Snowden

Rebecca Solnit writes a letter to Edward Snowden

Rebecca Solnit writes a letter to Edward Snowden.

Rebecca Solnit is a most interesting writer and activist, her letter written to Edward Snowden and the rest of us, the letter is a must read over at:

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We need to be concerned and we need to as a society start to have a debate about the kind of world that we want to live in and this debate needs to take place in a form that lets us all contribute to how our world is really going to be for all of us. Our social outcomes need to be determined by us the people not the elites that think they can tell us the people what to think.

How do we do this? I thin the answer is by organising and talking, the answers are out their and they are with us. Knowledge is power, giving others knowledge without ourselves seeking it is dangerous, we need to educate ourselves as to what is happening in our worlds if we are to create positive social change for our selves and families.

I am a photographer and lecturer, one thing that I find is motivating me is that I want to tell stories of what is happening in our social world this for me is a start. What will you do?

I want to create work that explores out social landscape using photography, the world we inhabit and the social aspects of it. Can photography really be used for that? more for another day, I will explore this sometime in the future.

For now go read the piece by Rebecca Solnit and good luck Edward Snowden we sincerely hope you get to a place that will provide you with safety and refuge from the worlds rogue superpower.


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