Showing Process

Showing Process

Recently, I ordered a little book it arrived last week. The book “Show Your Work” by Austin Kleon, is a small book full of ideas. Ideas about sharing and showing of the work that you do, as an artist or creative person. For me, I think it is refreshing and also a little bit of pop psychology, to help get one motivated. The idea that struck me was: show your process. I have for quite some time now segmented my work, into three different websites. Currently, I am thinking a lot about this, as I am now seeking more work as a photographer. I have spent the past 6 years developing my work and myself through teaching photography, with only the occasional photographic job. In this time most of my photography has been for myself, as part of a process of learning now to work differently to how I worked in the past. Thi has bene liberating as I have been free to go in different directions and explore different working methods and ideas. Over the past week, I have been looking back at the work that I made at Henley Royal Regatta, and have found just how far I have moved in my work. This reflection and exploration of this work has shown me what I am now capable of doing or attempting to do, as a photographer when making my images. My early attempts at making images in the public realm (lets call it street photography for simplicity for now). were simple, what attracted me I tended to put central in the frame and get in as close as I could manage (sometimes that was not as close as needed for the image). Now, my work is much more layered and complex. I also don’t get as many images in a day, as when I started, because I think my standards are higher and I am aiming for something different in my work.

After reading this book, I am going to be using my blog here to talk more about my process,  the way of working that I am exploring and the process involved in developing my vision and approach to work as a photographer.

I have for a long time talked about the need for photographers to address their audience, not other photographers. The audience who will buy their photography, that is important to identify clearly. On this, I am at this stage a little cloudy as to who is interested in my documentary photography practice. A practice, that visualises the social landscape of contemporary capitalism, that is what I am interested in as a photographer and as a human being. I care about the social world and how it functions. I tell my students to think about t what it is that they read first thing in the morning when they read the internet. I read about geopolitics and it effects on people, looking for the underlying causes of these.

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