The singular photographic image

I have a problem with some images as in where to place them on my website, do I put them into a separate page as random images. Doing this is something that I say to my students not to do, as this will only confuse your market and yet invariably someone will say, but I really love that image. Yet it does not fit in their style as a photographer as the image is so different from the rest of their photographic practice. This image should or often could be seen as a starting point to a new way of working, or it should be seen as a random something that you are visually working out within yourself, in your personal development as a photographer.

How do you chose to use these images is going to affect how potential clients relate to you as a photographer. Yet sometimes they can be leading you to new ways of working and that leads to new portfolio opportunities.

As a documentary photographer, I want to use my images for positive social change and individual singular images do not necessarily fit in with this, I guess it takes time to make something that resembles your way of working and seeing the world. That something that can become your style and reflect your interests both within and outside of photography.

Something about doing documentary photography, means that you as a photographer want to make images in series and making them work as a collective of body of work that adds to the story that you are attempting to tell.

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