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@ Thoughts of a Bohemian.

This is worth reading.

The blog has a lot about new thinking on licensing photos in the stock photography arena and also new ideas on how to get around the social media aspects of photography well worth spending some time on this site.

I particularly agree with him, when he says that photography is essentially a process of selecting things that you want to make images of, because they are things that you find interesting and that you want to share that with others. This is why we make and why we post images online or print them in a traditional manner to put in a gallery. The web allows us to share with others far easier. We are just not so good at making photography pay using the internet, we need to find way s to monetise our photographic practices, if we are to keep working as photographers. Using social media for photographers, is something a lot of us are still all learning especially ways to allow it to help us make enough money form making images to keep working as photographers.


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