The Great Corporate Tax Shift in three parts.

The Great Corporate Tax Shift in three parts.

Jack Rasmus should be read by anyone interested in what is happening within Capitalism currently.

If you want to read something that is interesting and insightful on what is happening to our debates on capitalism and the economy, then this three part series is a good place to start. There is money out there, but it is not going where it used to, as the corporate elite have been very successful at capturing the debates and agendas of our political elites and this is having huge impacts on how we perceive this stage of the global economy.


The Great Corporate Tax Shift-Part 1

“The great corporate myth-making machine has been hard at work of late, attempting to create the false impression that US corporations are increasingly uncompetitive with their foreign rivals due to the fact they pay much higher corporate taxes in the US and abroad than their capitalist counterparts. But that is one of the great myths perpetrated by corporate apologists, pundits and their politician friends. The myth is high in the pantheon of conscious falsifications their marketing machines feed the American public, right up there along with such other false notions that ‘business tax cuts create jobs’, ‘free trade benefits everyone’, ‘income inequality is due to a worker’s own low productivity contribution’, ‘overpaid public workers are the cause of states’ budget deficits’, or that ‘social security and medicare are going broke’.”

The Great Corporate Tax Shift-Part 2

“The rising crescendo of demands for still more tax cuts for corporations by virtually all Republicans in Congress, and a good number of Democrats as well,”

The Great Corporate Tax Shift-Part 3

“briefly examines this within the US corporate tax ‘race to the bottom’, as state legislatures have in recent decades between competing to offer more tax cuts to corporations (and even ‘reverse taxation’–i.e. direct subsidies, awards, and payments to corporations),” …”Part 3 concludes with a short list of priority proposals for reversing the ‘Great Corporate Tax Shift’, at the federal level in the US, between the US and other countries, and between the US states.”


Why I am writing about this on my photography blog?

I Have for sometime told anyone in my classes that the subject they should photograph is the one that they know. The subject that they know will be the one that they read about and explore with interest. I say this because, I have become ever  more interested in what capitalism is and how it affects us as global citizens. This is the area of interest that I am now concentrating on for my photography interest. I spent a long time thinking about this and realised that I need to photograph what interests me and this is what I need to and have to explore in more depth. So my subject moving forward is how capitalism works as a documentary photographer. Each of us will have different areas of interest and I want to get out of the photography ghetto and this is how I will do so by exploring this topic photographically.

Jack Rasmus

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