Thinking online

Thinking online

I recently got accepted onto a photographer development program. The London Creative Network, run in conjunction with Four Corners, Space, Photofusion and Cockpit Arts. LCN is part-financed by the European Regional Development Fund Programme 2014 to 2020. When, I went for the first day and presented my work across a number of platforms, a few people asked me, why was I doing that? I have been thinking about this, for a while now, how can I integrate all the aspects of my work and digital life, into one platform and set of social media channels, so that I can focus my efforts on getting what I do out to a wider audience? I have been thinking about this, as I have a commercial aspect to my work, a teaching side to my work and the social documentary practice that central to this site. The question, becomes do I put them all together? and will this defuse what I am doing, or do I keep them as separate identities, as I set them up?

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