Uses of Twitter

Uses of Twitter

Twitter and I how I use it.

Twitter is one social media platform that I use a lot. I like it brevity, the shortness of the message. I also like that I can use it as a way of making a list of web pages to refer to, with a note.

I have for a while now used Twitter to tweet pages from various websites, that I want to be able to refer to later. It is something that I learnt, while studying at University for the Creative Arts in Farnham. It can be a good format to create as a resource. So that when I go to my twitter feed, there is a list of pages on the internet, that may be useful as resources for further study, or as references, for something that I might want to refer to later when or if I write something as support of an article or blog post. I am interested in geo-politics and how capitalism functions, and yet it keeps morphing into forms that are hard to grasp, that is why I still do not have a definitive definition, of where I believe capitalism is at this point in time. I am fascinated in how capitalism affects our lives and like fish in water, we do not see it because, we are busy living within it.




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