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I have been doing some thinking about how I talk to people via this blog and realised that I am talking to other photographers and not to the audience that I want to. So from now on anything related to photography and the development of photographers that I want to share will be posted to anything related to making my documentary and street photography images will be featured here and anything related to my relaunched website that is aimed at working in financial markets as a photographer will be on It is something that I have ‘known’ for a while but not really done. I have also been a bit slow at posting on all websites lately as I have been doing some soul searching into how I proceed as a photographer and lecturer. I have now decided on how to proceed and have a plan in place that while it will take time to work for me is a positive step forward for me as a photographer and will lead me to feel much more fulfilled. I will continue to work on my documentary photography as it is something that I care passionately about, but it is also something that I did not see as letting me make enough money with because of my interests and approach does not lead to an easy way to make an income as a photographer. For now I have said enough on this website as this discussion is something that I will have in greater depth on my teaching photography website. If you are interested I will see you there at

This website will in future only feature things related to my social documentary and street photography.

Michael, Feb 2015

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