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I have finally made up my mind on what I want to concentrate on with my photography. I had a discussion with a student not so long ago about direction and found myself asking to her, what was it that she read when she went surfing on the internet, what was it that when, she had time she would look at. This made me think, about myself and what it was that I looked at. The ideas floating around my head then lead me to reappraise what I was going to do for direction as a photographer. I had been thinking of exploring economic issues with photography and yet this is a hard area to cover as it could lead to images that show effects of capitalism and neoliberal economics and it could also lead to images that show nothing at all.

Thinks like the following links are what interest me. How as a photographer can I ‘show’ these effects.


Shift that will keep Tories out of northern cities for years

Benefits cuts without fairness

The real cost of benefits squeeze: £1,600 per family

It is the politics behind the economics that interest me why do we as a society make these decisions, why if you have enough do you need to deprive others of a share just to make your share of the pie larger, I think it comes down to human greed and the world is not big enough for human greed. But then this is the subject that I want to learn how to photograph politics and economics of the neoliberal era that we live within.

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