Conflict Photography Workshop

Conflict Photography Workshop

This is an interesting idea for a workshop, The course will run from the 6th – 12th November 2013.



Wednesday 6th November / Day 1:

Arrive at Las Nuevas, acclimate, settle in, welcome dinner and presentation by Instructors followed by group Portfolio Review.

Thursday 7th November / Day 2: 
Morning: IED / Mine awareness
Afternoon: Assignment Planning and Preparation, Theory, Ethics, Rapport Building, Team work etc…

Friday 8th November / Day 3: 
Morning: Battle Field First Aid Drills.

Afternoon: Workflow/Editing/Captions

Saturday 9th November / Day 4:
Morning: Final preparations for 24+ hour Field Exercise.
Afternoon: Field Exercise* begins and will include a night in the open.

Sunday 10th November / Day 5: 
All Day: Field Exercise* continues until close to last light. ”

Fees will be: €1500 (Euros) per participant

This looks like a interesting photography workshop. I would love to attend but time will not allow me to as I will be busy teaching at this time of year.


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