Do’s and don’t in photography

Do’s and don’t in photography

Things to think about.

Colin Pantall has a series of posts on his blog that are interesting for the budding working photographer and for those who think that they are stuck going no where with their photography.

This series of posts is worth reading some of it interesting some of it with ironic tone but still interesting. Do’s and Don’t in photography lists should also be viewed with a eye to the personality of the writer as it depends on the personality of the photographer for many of the truisms to true or not, it also I think depends partially on the market that the photographer wants to or is working within. I personally think that photography is one of those rare businesses were you belong to something else but doing photography. As in if you are a documentary photographer you are interested in telling stories buy using photography. It is easier to see if you look at fashion or architecture photography invariably the photographer is imbedded in the industry that employs the photographer e.g. as a fashion photographer you are (or should be ) more interested in fashion than photography because the photography industry is really just a support service of equipment and how days software manufacturers. Thinking this way makes it easier to market yourself as you need to do something else to belong to a different industry and find work within that industry. I am getting side tracked here. Colin Pantell’s series on Dos and Don’ts is worth reading for ideas on how to be within the photographic community to get work and interact with other.

Links below:


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update another one has been added to the original list of posts.

Just GO: Dos and Don’ts of Anastasia Taylor-Lind

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