Future of Cities

Future of Cities

Future of Cities Report.

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The UK government has a report on The Future of Cities written in conjunction with Lancaster University.

The report outline four types of possible future cities and my guess is we will get a mixture of all four elements in most cities of the future with varying mixtures depending on location and economic position of each city and its relation to its history and place in the geopolitical spheres of influence. All have advantages and disadvantages for residents. Some have more advantages that disadvantages though.

You can download the report form this link or directly from the UK government website.



I feel it is important to inform yourself of the world that you live within as a photographer and this makes interesting reading, there are things in this report that you will see in the cities that we all live within as we go about our daily lives which is why I found this so fascinating. Especially as part of my practice is street photography and by being out in the street making images I see things and reading things like this report helps make sense of what I am seeing, the processes that are involved in shaping our lives.


I have sat on this blog post for a while, now I am finally trying to clear my backlog of already written blog posts, that have been sitting in my Draft folder for a while now.

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