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Look and Learn with Foto8


This looks like a worthwhile project to support.

“Since 1998, Foto8 has provided multiple platforms for photojournalism and documentary photography. Through its online and print publications, and its gallery premise from 2005-2012, the company has been at the forefront of innovative and inspiring photographic productions.

During 2012, co-founder Yasmin Keel and I delivered a pilot programme of 17 one-day workshops for primary schools at Foto8’s gallery. We introducing the children and their teachers to photo stories and artists. Through exhibitions, projections, discussions and making their own pictures the sessions we held covered topics that reflected the class’ curriculum.

After these sessions finished in November, and Foto8 closed its doors on its gallery, we sat down with those teachers and head teachers and designed a new schedule of classes to continue this innitiative. With their great approval and enthusisam we will now be able to continue the sessions in their schools whilst also building the programme to be replicated in classrooms across the country.


Our Vision


Amongst the many children growing up in London, a overwhelming majority have little access or experience of the huge arts and cultural scene our city has to offer.

The programme will introduce children to a photography-based activity learning that focuses on the curriculum class topics, thereby making the learning experience both fun, meaningful and accessible to children across a wide range of abilities and social backgrounds.

The programme itself is divided into three teaching modules:

  1. Looking at and interpreting a photographic body of work
  2. Learning class topics by applying visual and creative tools.
  3. Hands-on photography workshops (the super fun part): Exploring creative techniques and individual expressions.



Towards the end of the first year we will publish a book of our class material, the stories and topics with the text and photography we have used in teaching classes. Included in the book will be photographs and stories made by the children who have completed our class sessions.

This will be our 2013 Yearbook and will be distributed to teachers across the country as a print on demand title, downloadable and accessible to all teachers wishing to use the material and replicate the methods we have established during the year.”


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