MIni site update

I have the mini site up and running but with no content or more specifically no images in the portfolio to put on there as I spent quite a bit of time looking at how to make it work and the two aspects of my work location based documentary photography and studio based portraiture do not fit together when laid out together in one portfolio. So I am just going to sit on the site for now and think about what to do about it. I am thinking that I might just end up with a landing page on this site with links to the two different sides of my work. That would work better than what I was trying to do.

More on this idea later. It is not easy getting ones website how one wants but it does help when you have a clear ida of where you want to go. I do not make money from the documentary photography, I do it because it is a passion of mine and I support it though teaching photography, I do make money in portraiture, I used to earn money when I was creating fashion images but this is not something that I love anymore so I do not do it. I have come to the conclusion that Fashion is a young persons game in really need to be in your 20’s and early 30’s to really get fashion and I just not motivated by it these days. So it gets back to how to make money as a documentary photographer, something that I and a lot of other photographers struggle with. NGO’s do pay and I am thinking about how to engage with them though this website to enable me to make both the work that I want to and that I am passionate about. So it comes down to identifying the NGO’s that have similar interests to myself and then seeking to work with them.


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