New Courses Start Next week at Idea Store Learning

As you may know I am the lead photographer lecturer at Idea Store Learning. Next week is beginning of the new academic year and this blog post is a copy of the email that I have just sent out to all past photography students and if you are interested contact me and I’ll get you the details.


We have a wide range of courses that we would like to suggest for you this term. The courses on offer are:
City & Guilds Level 3 Certificate in Image Capture and Presentation.
A 30week accredited photography course.City & Guilds Level 1 Award in Photography.
A 15 week introductory accredited photography course.

Studio Photography Practice.
On our photographic studio access course come and make images in a fully equipped photographic studio. Working with Michael Wayne Plant who knows photographic studios and is keen for you to make great images and learn how to do this in a professional setting.

Wedding Photography. Learn to set your prices so you can earn money, plan a wedding shoot and learn how to pose your subjects these are only some aspects of this exciting course.

Street photography in the East End and urban photography at Canary Wharf. Saturdays
Are different courses covering aspects of photographing the city and on the street where it can be quite intimidating we will help you with practical, ethical and legal considerations of working in public spaces.

Digital Photography Intermediate.
This course is designed to help you develop beyond the basics of shutter speeds  apertures and ISO’s you will learn about raw processing and conversion, using flash on your camera and numerous other aspects of photography.

Develop a Photography Project course
Have you considered thinking about your photography in more depth if so this course is for you. Lead Photography Lecturer Michael Wayne Plant will be leading this course. You will learn how to produce a photography project exploring the steps involved and making images for critique and review. This term we will have an optional group project that will explore contemporary life within Tower Hamlets. You will be guided in making a series of images that have a coherency that add to the meanings that you want to convey to your audience.Digital Film Making With Your DLSR Cameras
Do you know that your modern DSLR camera is a very capable video camera, we want to show you how to use the features of your DSLR camera to make digital films/videos with your DSLR camera. This course has been designed so that you can learn how to frame, set up and use your DSLR camera.

Black & White Darkroom techniques.
Why not print in our fully equipped photographic darkroom,  we are running two courses in our darkroom this term, Tuesday night and Saturday afternoon. We supply all your printing and processing materials and all you have to do is come a long to use our darkroom.

Heritage Walks with Photography in Tower Hamlets.
Join our photography tutor Mark Wilkinson as the explores the area around the idea store Whitechapel from a historical perspective.

Why not Learn Photography with Idea Store Learning?

We have a great range of photography courses with great photography tutors across the Borough of Tower Hamlets.

Idea Store Learning’s photography department has been part of Tower Hamlets for a long time, as far as I can tell we had David Bailey study with us at one time, We have an enlarger that I have been told used to belong to David Bailey, in our darkroom. We have had a wide range of people come and study photography with us and we want to continue this tradition. Our photography tutors are passionate about photography and love nothing better than to share that passion with you while you are learning photography.

Next week is the start of the new academic year and new courses so if you are considering attending a photographic course with Idea Store learning’s photography department it is now decision time, as you only have this week to sign up for next week’s classes. We have some places left on a few courses and we want to give you the chance to study  photography this year.

If you have any queries about any of the above courses please do not hesitate to contact myself via:
I personally am looking forward to starting with new courses as it is wonderful to be able to help learners on their journey of discovery through photography.

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