New Tool to use Sony Nex-7

New Tool to use Sony Nex-7

Last Friday I finally got my own copy of the Sony Nex-7 for personal use. I have been a Sony advocate photographer since 2007, late last year when Sony lanuched the Sony A77 and Nex-7 I was one of two photographers invited to Greece to help launch these cameras. I fell in love with the little Nex-7 having already got myself a Nex-5 which if I am honest I liked but could not get on with for one really simply reason. I keep basing my head against it when I would put the viewing screen to my eye to look though as if it was a viewfinder. This was not helping me to make iamges as I have been used to looking though a viewfinder and I could not get used to having the camera held at arms length to make images. So I sold it to my sister-in-law who absolutes loves the camera for all the reasons that I coudl not get on with it. So note to self here what works for someone does not work for everyone when it comes to camera design. I love the box that the camera comes it makignit feel like an expensive little jewel.

Sony Nex-7 in its packaging

I have it with the kit lens the 18-55 lens. now I have already decided that sony are missing something on all their lens in the Nex line up. The way I like to work is to use Zone focusing and depth of field to achieve focus on the images that I am making. Especially my street photography. How it works is I set the distance to 3 metres and then try and use f8 or f11 (perferably f11) to get the sharpness to be sufficent for the images I make. This allows me to get my focus really fast when shooting. As the lens do not allow you to set the distance I have to guess it. This is not how I want to work so I have ordered a Novoflex  leica M lens to Nex  adaptor to use on with either a Lecia Summicron-C 40mm f/2 or and I am still thinking about this maybe a Voightlander 25mm f4 or a 21mm f4 lens both good lens and not to expensive to buy compared to the equivalent Lecia lens. The 40mm will be equivalent to a 60mm and the 21 mm equivalent to 31.5 mm and the 25mm equivalent to 37.5 mm. I am currently leaning towards the 21mm Voightlander lens.

My reasons to love the Nex-7 apart from small size of camera and quality of images. My two favourite reasons are Focus peaking this works brilliantly in manual focus allowing you to see focus anywhere in the screen that there is contrast, and Setting effects this when turned on in the electronic viewfinder allows you to see the effects of your exposure on the image and give you a live histogram while you are making images not after the fact. These two features are just brilliant as they allow one t nail focus and exposure quickly and accurately. My reason to want to put other lense brands is that I need to zone focus for the type of photography that I do.  I will have  a review of the Novaflex adaptor when it arrives here as I have found very few reviews of this item online and I plan on rectifying that as soon as possible.

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