More thoughts on the Sony a7S

“Once in a great while there comes a camera with capabilities that actually move the flexibility of digital photography, as a medium, forward. The Sony A7S is one of them.” Sean Reid, in a quote from his review of the a7S. I have to say that I agree with this statement. I have used a wide variety of cameras over the years.

I have used DSLR cameras, Rangefinder digital cameras and now compact system cameras. I have used Sony Cameras since 2008 and apart from a little detour out to use a Lecia M for a while, as I wanted something smaller and quiet for discrete documentary photography, have remained very happy with their cameras. I sold my Leica within two weeks of getting the a7S as it gave me more things that I wanted from a camera than any other I have used.

I love the quiet shutter that it has, in silent mode it is absolutely silent, I do have to be aware of the light situation as it can cause a few problems in artificial light but nothing that can’t be fixed by going to normal shutter mode. I love its low light ability as it just sees in the dark. This lets me keep working when in the past I would have to go home or change my photography style, not a good thing. I love it weight as it is not that large and if I put a small lens on it I can put it into my jacket pocket. So discrete to carry as well. I have been using wrist straps to carry both of my a7 series cameras and have ordered new quick release catches {HOOK (aka “key-chain-thingie”)} for my shoulder straps.

I now, depending on the light that I am anticipating to work, with use one or two cameras. As one is great for large prints but is okay at my normal ISO I like to work at however it does not have silent mode and the other is great for everything else. The a7S is my go to camera it is the one that I take out first when I am going somewhere, I have to stop and think do I need more megapixels before I take my a7R because it is such a joy to use the a7S. Yet, fundamentally they are the same camera but with different quirks, I just like the combination of elements that make the a7S for me a great camera.


#update, I have sat on this post for about three months and am now using a Sony a7R mkII instead of the original a7R and I am finding that I really love the new body shape and features so want to get my hands on the a7S mkII. However, as I use the a7RmkII more and more, I am finding that I can use it for most of my work. As the high ISO performance is good enough, for the work that I am doing. So I am having a rethink about the cameras that I want and I am at this stage thinking that I want to have as a second body, the wonderful RX1RmkII. As it is the same sensor as the a7RmkII in a smaller body with my favourite focal length lens so it becomes a pocketable camera.


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