website redesigns

Changes to my online presence.

I am busy cleaning up on online presence at the moment, if you arrived here at this site because you followed a link to get to which was my portrait website you will now get a auto redirect to I have removed this site because it is leading to a bit of confusion and I want to concentrate my energies on the work that I love to do. Which is my story telling documentary work. I have had to many websites for a while now and I am attempting to remove and condense them into a manageable smaller number. I am looking at how I can make a website that explores my journey/evolution as a photographer which would deb a place for me to feature the other work that I have done but for now I am concentrating my energies on two websites, this one and the one for learning photography which is

If anyone would like to take over the website that I set up let me know as I would be happy to transfer the domain to you, while I have not updated it for a while it still gets regular visitors.

This change to my web presence is being done before an announcement that I hope will be made sometime soonish as I have some really exciting news to share soon.

Michael, Nov 2014

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