writing blog posts can be therapeutic

I have just written a long blog post that I am not going to publish as I ended up using it as therapy. I started on one topic and ended up on a journey of statements and ideas. Of one thought leading to another and before I knew it the writing became something that I was not prepared to publish as it became way to personal and introspective for me to want to publish. But it did remind me of the thing that I used to do about 12 years ago and about 20 years ago I spent a period of time writing every day three pages of stream of conscious thoughts that I did not read at first. essentially it was mind dumping to clear my thoughts and to just get rid of ideas or as a way of letting them see where they would take me. The idea came from a book by Julia Cameron called “The Artist’s Way.” One of the central ideas of the book was that we all have so many ideas that float around within us that we are not always able to focus and do the work we want to do. And by writing out our thoughts each day it became a mind dump which frees us to be creative with what we really want to do. I am going to start doing this again as it was interesting when I did it twice before and I saw my creativity increase both times I did it in the past. The idea is not to read what you first write for a while, then once you have had time form it to reread it and see what keeps reoccurring in your thoughts what preoccupies your attention and from that you can learn to deal with your inner voice and be able to utilise or discipline it, to become who you really want to be.

I am this time going to use my computer and instead of writing us my Dragon Dictate to talk to the computer and let it write for me. As I am dyslexic, I think this would help even more letting the thoughts out even quicker.

So, I will not be posting what I originally decided to write about because it is not what I really need to say out loud in public and as we know anything we write for publication online is available publicly and sometimes we need to be more circumspect in what we say about our work. An remember to do your work. what ever it is that you consider to be your work.


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