Develop a photography project has started

Last night was the first night of a new course, that I have started at Idea Store Learning. It is a 10 week course called “Develop a photography project.” The course material took me time to create and think through, as I wanted to do something different with this course. I decided that it should be all about the students and giving them a space, that is supportive of their interests. But, how does one as a tutor do this, if one does not have a clue as to what a group of 12 people will want to do, in a 10 week course. So my solution to this conundrum, was to design the course to have only three elements. The first night, was to explain what a photography project could be and that is easy it can be anything. Then, I showed examples of photographers projects or photographers who work making projects, mostly these photographers will do self initiated projects, with an eye to exhibiting the resulting work and/or publishing the work. A photo project is an ideal way of creating content to be published in a book format. I also finally found the only reason that I would recommend, which I inherently do not like as a photographer, but if one can find away of keeping the resulting board then you can avoid the copyright violations as you are using it as a learning resource. I would recommend it only for referencing ideas and using them as pointers in ones own development as a photographer, otherwise I am keeping away from the site.

Next week will be interesting as all the students have a 15 minute slot to present and get feedback on their ideas to and from the group and get feedback and I will have to be rigorous in this time keeping as it could spin out of control and overrun to much if we do not. The rest of the course I still have no idea as to what we will do as I need to see the ideas that the students come with next week before we can plan the rest of the course. The only other fixed element of the course is a presentation at the end of the course where the students all present their works in progress, as I have also said that they do not have had to have the projects completed as this depending on the projects might also be unrealistic. So it is going to be an interesting 10 weeks as we all go on a learning journey together.

I highly enjoyed last nights class and am looking forward to seeing everyones presentations next week.

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