Matt Stuart on Street Photography

Matt Stuart on Street Photography

Matt Stuart video on Street Photography.

A street photographer, like a documentary photographer you need to have quick reactions and good working techniques, that will allow you to make the image that are seeking create. At the 1:25 mark on this video Matt talks about working at F8 at 1/500 on a sunny day, He however, does not mention his ISO (or film speed as he is shooting with film on a Leica MP). So I am guessing he is working with the sunny 16 rule, to make his exposures.

Documentary photography uses these techniques all the time, to get good exposures and work quickly, which is one reason that I like to practice Street Photography, whenever I get the chance. It is good to practice photography, if you want to get better and for me street photography, is one way to do this. As I am engaged with the social landscape that we inhabit and I am exploring notions of truth and representation, that lets me work on these aspect of photography and my own ideas of what makes an image work for me.

Matt Stuart's MP at 12feet

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