Michael Wayne Plant

Michael Wayne Plant @ Jessops Oxford Street,13th July 2013


Michael Wayne Plant, will be at Jessops

on Oxford Street London as a Sony Advocate Photographer.

Michael will be discussing discussing street and portrait photography at Jessops.

Michael will be in the store from 10am – 4pm on Saturday 13th July – there are no time slots to book, you can simply visit the store anytime between 10am-4pm to meet Michael.


We will have a small flash studio area set up for the day where Michael can run through some hints and tips on portrait photography – and even take your portrait photo as well!


If street photography is more your style, Michael will run through the basic, talk about his experiences and is happy to take you on a short 10min walking tour along Oxford Street to give you a little guidance and practical experience on street photography.


Please note, that we advise you to bring along your own camera and memory card.

Michael Wayne Plant


I will be doing a couple of things on the day, one will be using Jessops photo studio to explain various aspects of portrait photography and the other will be to take a walk along Oxford street to show some elements of Street Photography. Examples of my portrait photography can be found here

If you are interested please join me at Jessops on Oxford street.

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