New camera to add to my photographic toolkit.

New camera to add to my photographic toolkit.

Sony A7S and 24-70F4 Zeiss lens.

I have a new camera, which I am rather excited about as it is smaller and lighter than my others but with a very high megapixel count which really suites my social documentary and location photography needs. Yes, I now have a Sony A7R camera which I am going to use a lot over the next few months.

I have been using the camera now for about two months and doing really well with it.

I love the electronic viewfinder for ease of setting exposures when I am working quickly, I am using the 24-70 Zeiss lens which is really nice for the work that I am doing with the camera. I need one more lens for the camera which I have worked out needs to be a about 100mm for portraits then I am all set.

I do however like the sound of the A7s with its incredibly high ISO which would allow me to make images at any time of day this would be really helpful for my documentary photography, I would then think about looking to get the 35mm lens to use with this and I am I think done for a while in the camera lust stakes well at least till Sony come out with something that focuses as quickly as the A6000 which is amazing to see how fast that camera is a focusing and locking onto a moving image.


Sony A7R with 24-70 F4 Zeiss lens, image made at the Castle Cameras event in Bournemouth on the 20th May 2014. I was supposed to be using the A6000 but it was in such demand to be looked at that I ended up using my A7R which is not a speed demon for focusing but the file size is incredible. The day was overcast so I am shooting at 800ISO at F4 and 1/1000th of a second shutter speeds for the moving images and believe it or not 1/3000th for the portrait image as the light was changing constantly  due to the clouds and me using manual mode with the electronic finder I was able to alter my exposures without having to worry about what it looks like as I am seeing a live view histogram in my viewfinder at all times. Sports photography is not my thing but as I was at a Sony Event and a bit early for my talk I thought I would do something and see if I could get Mattie frozen in time while he spun around on his bicycle. I liked the portrait image as this was more in my comfort zone, but as a photographer you do need to try new things occasionally.


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