Recent Random Images by Michael Wayne Plant

Recent Random Images by Michael Wayne Plant

Recent Random Images  by Documentary Photographer Michael Wayne Plant

This is going to become a regular (well in my case a semi-regular) series of images that I post on the website. I make a lot of images that do not fit into any series or project that I am currently working or have worked on. I would never suggest to another photographer to put up random images, that do not reflect either their style of photography.  These images will still reflect my interests and style but essentially have no home as they do not belong to any of my photographic projects.

London to Newcastle and back to London.





















Random images from a road trip from London to Newcastle and back to London created over the summer of 2013. We stayed in Saltburn by the Sea, with one of my wifes friends, for two nights as a half way stop on our way to Newcastle. It was great to get out of London and see more of the country. I rerealised, that I do not get to do this often enough and that England is most definitely not London. We went and saw Bikers Wall in Newcastle, which was interesting for me to see as I had heard about it from my sociological studies (back in 2006-2008). We got to see the Angel of the North which while standing user it is really impressive approaching it from the south I thought it was not such a big thing it did not stand out form the hills as much as I thought it should have but it is interesting you get a different perspective of it when you approach it from the north when leaving Newcastle heading south.

Scarborough for me was interesting as only a few weeks before I had been in Margate, which by contrast was so different. It felt alive and vibrant, which I admit was probably helped buy it being  a nice sunny and warm weekend day, this would have increased the numbers of people on the beach, which had quite a few people on it.



I occasionally like making panorama images and this one I like.

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