Sony a7R camera

Sony A7R and the lens I need.

Sony A7R Camera and lens that I need for documentary photography.

It is small light and discrete,  can make images with it that I struggle to get otherwise.

I have spent the weekend making images on a Sony a7 camera, while I have not been given permission to post the images, I have now a list of new camera equipment that I want. Oh dam! I was happy with what I have at the moment. But after using the a7 I feel that most flu frame dSLR’s are just to big look great on a professional shot but when you want to blend in not look so professional and just make images this is a rather good option. Not quiet though when you are using it. If you want silent then get the RX1 it is silent, want interchangeable lens in a full frame package and quality then this is one option the other is a Leica M (type240). I want both.

Sony a7R Camera

24- 70mm lens Vario-Tessar T* FE 24-70 mm F4 ZA OSS SEL2470Z + VF-67MPAM (ø 67 mm)

When it becomes available a

70-200mm lens  FE 70-200 mm F4 G OSS SEL70200G + what ever filter this lens takes.

The lens below, I might not need as much, as I have a Leica 40mm f2 Summicron, which is 40 years old and it is wonderful on the a7 so I can’t see why it would not be as good if not better on the a7R.

35mm lens Sonnar T* FE 35mm F2.8 ZA SEL35F28Z + VF-49MPAM (ø 49 mm)

Sony a7R camera

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