Website update April 2017

HI All,

I think I have my website resorted again. I use a WordPress website form a developer Made by Minimal and the theme I am using is called Made. I have been really happy with their theme. However, I have been recently attending a series of workshops as part of the London Creative Network at Four Corners on Roman Rd East London. These have been great as they have allowed me to think about my process of marketing and to refine my website. I particularly like the sessions by Rafaela Lepanto on websites and marketing. I have been for a while now reading books and attending workshops on marketing as I thought that this would be important as I left the teaching that I had been doing since 2009, especially as marketing is changing all the time and I believe that it is important to refresh your skills continuously. One of the things that came out of the website workshops was that I needed to be able to change a few things on my website. I contacted Brian at Made by Minimal and he said that he had been working on rewriting the WordPress theme that I was using and that it would be ready in a few weeks. So I was excited as we had a conversation about what was needed and these where things that he was working to bring to his revised theme. So long story short time has passed the new WordPress theme is now in place on my website. It has enabled me to look at the site a bit differently and I still have some editing to do of the images using some of the things that I learnt from Rafaela Lepanto in her editing workshop. Once that is done, the website will be how I want it and need it to be for a while.

I still have to edit the City of London gallery, as I am still working on this ongoing project, I anticipate that it will be finished sometime towards the end of 2017. I have ideas for other projects that I am looking at which will lead on from this. I think it is an exciting time to be a photographer with so much happening in the world that I find endlessly interesting.

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