Which City of London?

Which City of London?

I am probably going to be doing quite a few posts about this topic in the next few months and maybe even years. I have been since the beginning of the year working on a project to photograph the City of London.

I discovered that Martin Parr, has been doing the same thing over the past few years, as photographer in residency for the city of London. He had an exhibition of the work at the Guildhall Art Gallery, earlier this year. The images where featured on the Guardian Newspaper website. When, I found out about the Martin Parr, City of London project (prior to seeing the images), I thought what could I add to this, other than more images of the city, but then I saw the images and I thought more deeply about it. I do have a different take on it, I might not make my images with flash, which is actually part of his way of working and style. I have my own way of seeing and working, which has taken me time to develop, and in some ways will keep developing, as I progress with this project.I believe that all photographers keep developing (or should do) as long as they are interested in the world and how it works. This is the difference in how photographers work, it is what we/you are interested in. I am interested in how the city is, as a global financial centre, what makes it tick, how it works. I have realised that I need access to places that are financial in nature, as well as being on the street. I am not so much interested in the eccentricities of The City, as an institution, which is where Martin Parr’s focus was, this realisation has set me free to continue with the project and to get on with it.

In reading John Lanchester’s Guardian article, “What really goes on inside the City of London?” about the City of London and Martin Parr’s photographs, I realised that I want is to photograph the first City of London, the global financial hub, that it is today.

My next question for my readers is then this. If you work in a financial organisation and have access to your PR and marketing department, can you please help me with an introduction, as I want to be able to photograph inside of companies. I want to see and show how finance works. I think this is going to be particularly important with Brexit coming. To be able to show what The City of London does, and its influence on the financial situation of the United Kingdom.


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