Funding For a Documentary Photography Project

Funding For a Documentary Photography Project

The Documentary Project Fund

Documentary photography projects are notoriously hard to fund, this organisation is funding photography projects, with a community focus and I think this is worth looking into for the community minded documentary photographer.

The Documentary Project Fund supports still photography projects in the documentary photography tradition. They where founded in 2012 and are seeking to encourage still photography through project support, with photographers who have a community focus and a good story to tell. They want to help ensure that documentary photography projects that they think are important they can help get completed with this funding.

Submissions are accepted twice a year.  

Check dates on their website Their call for entry page has lots of information on how to submit applications which need to be followed if you want their support.

The next deadlines are for submissions due on December 15 of each year, the notification will be made by January 31. For submissions due on June 15, the notification will be made by July 31.

For more information send an email to:

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